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I grew up in North Ringwood, went to the local primary school and worked at the local Bi-Lo. 

My parents ran a local family medical practice and as GPs, were active in the community in promoting access to healthcare. Coming to Australia as migrants, they faced many difficulties and worked hard to establish themselves in a new country.

Their experiences taught me the importance of hard work, fairness and equality. I am passionate about ensuring every Australian has a fair go and has access to good quality education, health and social services.

For too long, this Government has been preoccupied with scheming and political games and sadly, we have all had to pay the price.

Quite frankly, I am fed up and have had enough of politicians plotting and scheming in Canberra.

Our community deserves better.

I am not a career politician or someone who ever aspired to be one. I have never worked as a political staffer or played the typical Canberra games. Instead, I have worked as an actress, a lawyer and an advocate for Indigenous Australians.

I know that Australians are doing it tough under this Government.

I am standing for Parliament because our community needs someone who will put them first again.

I will fight for fairer funding for our local schools and hospitals, fight against cuts to penalty rates and fight the Liberal’s attempts to lift the retirement age.  

I want to know what matters to you and your family. To let me know what’s important to you, you can contact me via:

Email: [email protected]


Twitter: @ShireenMorrisMs