I'm proud to endorse Labor's candidate for Deakin, Shireen Morris.

Firstly, because she's local. She understands how important it is to listen to local people. Shireen grew up in Nth Ringwood and lives in Nunawading.  She loves this community and will fight for it.

Secondly, Shireen is highly qualified. With a PhD in constitutional law, Shireen is passionate is about ensuring equal opportunities for all Australians.  I know she will stand up for a just and inclusive society.

Thirdly, Shireen is completely different to your usual aspiring politician. She was not a political staffer. She did not come through the unions. Instead, she worked as an actor, a check out chick at the Burntbridge Bi-Lo, and as a constitutional lawyer.

Shireen is a fresh and passionate voice, who I believe will help bring balance, intelligence and authenticity back into politics. She will be a huge asset to a Labor government.

I hope you will help Shireen get into Parliament by voting for her on May 18.


Steve Bracks (former Premier of Victoria)


I have never endorsed a political candidate before, but I am writing to the voters of Deakin - whatever your traditional political leanings may be - to urge you to to give your support to ALP candidate Shireen Morris at this coming election. 

Having known and worked with Shireen for the past eight years, I feel strongly about Shireen’s candidacy for the seat of Deakin.  

If elected I know Shireen will be a thoughtful, faithful and tireless advocate for the Deakin community in which she grew up with her family.

Shireen worked for me at Cape York Institute on constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians.  I know firsthand that Shireen is an assiduous hard worker with a sharp policy and legal brain, and exceptionally gifted oratory.  Shireen is a bridge builder and a problem solver who has the capacity to genuinely listen to many points of view and to craft polices and solutions that  work for everyone. 

Shireen is precisely the kind of person that is needed in our Commonwealth Parliament.

I am sick of the staffers and political hacks that dominate the parliament, who have no experience outside of politics.  Shireen is the very kind of quality candidate that the late Senator John Button lamented in the early 2000s there were too few of in the Labor Party.  The same goes for the Liberal Party.

I am not particularly partisan.  I would have been happy to endorse Shireen as a candidate if she was a candidate for the Liberals.  I think she is that good.

Shireen is a centrist (like me) who believes in our social commitments, but also holds liberal values and understands the importance of conservatism as well.  She is all about the balanced centre.

I’m so happy Shireen has put her hand up to represent your community.  She will represent you very well if you choose her as your local member.


Noel Pearson (Founder of the Cape York Institute)